The Winning Strategy

In this article I set out a four-pronged strategy that would maximize the chances for the Democratic party to win the November 2020 presidential elections. The article briefly analyzes the surprising victory of Donald Trump in 2016, his efforts to dismantle all the policies of his predecessor, and his eventual move towards an illiberal democracy following the failed attempt by Democrats to remove him from office through the impeachment process. I conclude that the Democratic strategy should not focus on policies and lofty issues but, instead, should stress Trump’s mendacity, ignorance, immorality, ineptitude and psychological instability. You may read the full article here.


  1. S. Petropoulos says:

    Excellent paper. Let us hope that the Democrats will stop being so inept in facing the Republicans, who deserve a good shellacking in the next election.

  2. theodore caris says:

    this adversary reacts only to a foe who can depreciate and humiliate him in the public eye. Degrading him to the point he becomes incendiary and starts in on a barrage of epithets mostly grabbed from thin air like a drowning man sucking for air. The matter of taking him on with gloves off is tempting. Given the conditioning of the American electorate to a ranting style of politics these last four years. It might help move the needle. Up to a point. It depends in part on the performance skills of the assailants. In that regard the lead man Biden is saddled with a woefully degraded armory of offensive weapons’. His usual bent is a kisses and hugs type of politics. Trumps base is rock solid. It’s allegiance is founded on a complex of visceral and psychic attributes including pride in their stance and fear of being made to look like schmucks should they reverse themselves and abandon their Duce. You need a campaign that not only lets the air out of the buffoon but have it unfold in plain sight of the tribe making them squirm at the prospect of diminishing themselves by association with a psychotic political felon.

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