Partners in Crime: The Destructive Role of the Greek Media during the Economic Crisis

Partners in Crime: The Destructive Role of the Greek Media during the Economic Crisis


In the November 7, 2016 issue of New Europe, I published an article on the destructive role of the Greek media during the economic crisis. My main thesis is that the Greek print, broadcast and online media did not (with very few exceptions) help the average Greek citizen understand the causes of, and the possible resolution to, the crisis that has now affected Greek society for over 6 years. Besides the well-established triangular entanglement (“diaploki”) among politicians, media moguls and commercial bankers that has traditionally served the main political parties and their ideological platforms, the poor contribution of the Greek media to a proper analysis of the economic crisis also reflects a very low level of education, expertise and professionalism among journalists, opinion writers and editors. In a sense, the performance of even “mainstream” media was frequently so flawed that their distinction from yellow journalism was very tenuous.  You may read the full article here.

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  1. Tom says:

    Interestingly enough, this was translated to include statements like ‘there is no alternative but the lowering of the per capita income’, which does not appear to be part of the article. In fact , the troika did demand that the state intervene to annul long-standing PRIVATE contracts (while talking about the need to respect agreements) and the various governments were quick to oblige, notwithstanding that the state would lose direct and indirect taxes this way, not to mention credibility. This is all secondary if german companies are to profit. I’m not sure if the author shares this statement added to his posting. The truth is that a) a bunch of corupt, incompetent managers multiplied manyfold their earnings by bullying comptent people using the new ‘troika laws’. Mind you that these interventions have NOT led to any improved economic performance, lowering of unemployment or the debt. b) the new environment has led to highly competent people leaving the country en mass. This, among other things, such as crippling the country’s capacity to produce out of the debt, has INCREASED to influence of poorly educated, corrupt, sensationalist, media, as the media are now addressing a proportionately larger pool of un/undereducated people. c) if this continues, Greece will shortly be left with none other, but the people who cannot find anything better abroad plus illegal immigrants. In 10 years or so it will be another islamic state-a sure way for lenders to NOT get their money back. d)In addition nothing was done to battle corruption, as whistleblowers are sued and have even been convicted on idiotic charges. e) Nothing has been done to help businesses: Businesses do not need the state intervening to change contracts: They need a clear and stable environment. An example of an idiotic ‘reform’ was a business which gets a new contract, for say 1 M when the work is finished (could be in a year) is called to pay 25% tax immediately, before receiving ANY money. This means businesses are trying to catch -up with their tax obligations for money they MAY receive in the future.

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